Welcome to PEM Rules, the pediatric emergency medicine podcast. 

Here you can learn about all things PEM in bite-sized, informative and (hopefully) entertaining episodes.

I was inspired to start this project in Fall 2020 after I was a guest speaker on EM Over Easy, an excellent emergency medicine podcast.  As I spend much my time teaching and mentoring others, I realized that starting a podcast could be a great way to share some insider tips with others who treat children in the acute settings.

During training one of my favorite attendings taught what I have come to call the “rules”. They’ve stuck in my head and since then I not only use them almost every day at work, but I’ve added a quite a few of my own.  So, I guess you could say my motto is “Family Rocks, and PEM Rules.” Students, residents and even some of co-attendings seem to really like them, and I hope you do too. 

These rules and the fact that PEM totally “rules”, in my humble opinion, is the story behind the name of this podcast.

- Yaron Ivan, Pediatric Emergency Physician


I am excited to announce that PEM Rules is one of the top 5% most popular shows
out of 3,022,725 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score (the estimated popularity score).

Thank you for listening and supporting PEM Rules!