Episode 17: Upper Airway Obstruction – Viral Croup

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As an Emergency Physician, my biggest concern (and the first thing I need to address) is the airway. I like to think of the Pediatric airway as simple. Upper and lower. Viral croup is a very common upper airway obstruction. Check out this episode!

Episode 16: Communication Tips and Tricks – Part 3

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We all want to work in an ED that is running smoothly. We all want to have good relationships with our consultants and none of us want to see the same patient two days in a row. These rules help with all those issues. Check out this episode!

Episode 14: Communication Tips and Tricks – Part 1

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Communicating effectively to your colleagues, trainees, consultants and patients is a key element of what I do. Effective communication drives better patient care, patient satisfaction and simply makes the day better Check out this episode!