Pickaso Guitar Bow Promo Code – Coming Back Soon.

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My apologies to all of you who tried purchasing merchandise from Pickaso Guitar Bow and use PEM Rules Promo code. It came to my attention that the promo code stop working. Please be patient, check out the following link https://www.pickasobow.com , decide what you want to buy and be on the lookout for a new method of getting a discount via PEM Rules. The Pickaso Guitar Bow is fun to have and use to enrich your musical skills. 


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Bonus Episode – Child Psychiatry In the Pediatric ED. Interview With Dr. Victor Fornari

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Due to the pediatric Mental Health Crisis and increase in psychiatric presentations to the Pediatric Emergency Departments across the nation, I decide to have this off-schedule / bonus episode and interview Dr. Victor Fornari, an experienced Child Psychiatrist from New York.

If you liked the outro and the sound of the guitar check http://www.pickasobow.com/pemrules and you will receive 10% discount on anyting you buy using the promo code PEMRULES


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PEM Rules Special Announcement – Pickaso Guitar Bow Collaboration with PEM Rules

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I am excited to announce my new collaboration with Pickaso Guitar Bow.

This item is a really cool tool that makes your guitar sound like a violin or a cello. It’s a lot of fun and you will be hearing it soon on some of my outros as I get better at using it.

If you like playing guitar (or know someone who does) this is a really cool way to expand your guitar sound and it makes a great gift.

Please use my affiliate link below or simply use the promo code PEMRULES to receive 10% discount on any of the products you purchase.


Thanks for listening to PEM Rules and helping take care of children.


Yaron Ivan

PEM Rules

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