Episode 65: Clinical Care Tips – What Is Colic, What Is The “Best Way” to Take Care of Patients, and a Bit More About Fractures.

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I entertain the possibility of Colic in many patients but try to keep in mind it is a diagnosis of exclusion. It is important for me to follow some guidelines when I take care of patients and this is how I “know” (hopefully) the child in front of me has a none displaced (aka “splint and send”) fracture.


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Helping a PEM Fellow With a Research Project

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Dear Listener,

If you are a PEM provider in the US in a Pediatric ER that has rotating residents and/or fellows please take a moment and click on the link below and help Sophia Wang (a PEM fellow in the University of Mississippi Medical Center) with her research project regarding patient handoff during transition of care.

Sophia is an active contributor to PEM Rules who has produced several episodes of the podcast (coming up this summer).

Thank you in advance,

Yaron Ivan, PEM Rules

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