PEM Truly Rules….

Bravo!!! I love the podcast. Any pediatric or EM resident can benefit from this podcast.

- PEM Attending

5 stars! I really enjoy the podcast. Great refresher of what I learned from my PEM rotation.

- MS4 Medical Student

Very beneficial and easy to understand and to remember especially with the examples provided. I feel like I learn valuable advice that I can use on my patients. I also like the recap of the rules at the end of the podcast!

- MS4 Medical Student

I believe all med students and residents will benefit from this podcast prior to starting any PEM rotation. The rules act as a great guide to getting In the right mindset. Nice job on the music as well.

- Pre-Med College Student

Love the podcast. Love the examples and the teaching points. It’s perfectly timed and bite sized to listen on a drive to work.

- Pediatric Resident

The podcast rocks! These topics are super high yield and many residents/medical students could really take advantage of this educational tool.

- MS4 Medical Student

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I love the episodes, short and sweet. Great pearls.

- Community ED Attending