News and Events

March 1, 2023:
If you are a PEM provider in the US in a Peds ER that has rotating residents and/or fellows please take a moment and click on this link and help Sophia Wang (a PEM fellow in the University of Mississippi Medical Center) with her research project regarding patient handoff during transition of care. Sophia is an active contributor to PEM Rules who has produced several episodes of the podcast (coming up this summer).

September 27, 2022:
Here is a short video about my upcoming ACOEP presentations in October. Hope to see you all there.

August 26, 2022:
Check out the paper my colleagues and I just published about Pediatric Emergency Medicine Podcasting.

April 11, 2022:
I am happy to announce that PEM Rules is now also a monthly column in the Journal EP Monthly. EP Monthly is an excellent journal with many evidence-based scientific articles as well as interesting news from the EM world. Check out the PEM Rules / Pediatric section in the link here.

Feb 18, 2022:
I was a moderator on our EM Residency Program Podcasts “Orlando EM” talking about my approach to the pediatric patient. Listen to it here.

Feb 10, 2022:
Recently I was a guest in the Medical Muze podcast and got the opportunity to speak about my career and why I love Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Listen to it here.

October 22, 2021:
I presented several lectures at the 2021 spring ACOEP Scientific Assembly titled:

  • Approach to the Child with a FOOSH injury
  • Respiratory Emergencies in the Pediatric ER
  • Antibiotic Stewardship in the Pediatric ER

On October 14th I presented several lectures at the ACOEP Scientific Assembly titled:

  • Fever in the Pediatric Patient
  • Evaluation and Management of Well-appearing Febrile Infants 8-60 Days Old
  • The Very Sick Infant in the Pediatric ED

I was recently a guest speaker on the EM Over Easy podcast for the second time and was part of a panel discussion on COVID-19. To listen to my first appearance on the EM Over Easy podcast, visit their website here.